What happens if a strata corporation refuses to provide access to records?

If a strata corporation fails to provide records to owners or other authorized persons in accordance with section 36 of the Strata Property Act, an owner or other authorized person may need to file a petition with the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In limited circumstances, a strata corporation may lawfully redact or refuse to provide inspection or copies of records where the records contain information protected by legal privilege or personal information that a strata corporation is prohibited from providing without consent under the Personal Information Protection Act, SBC 2003, c.63.

Section 165 of the Strata Property Act allows an owner or other interested person to apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia for an order requiring a strata corporation to comply with section 36 of the Strata Property Act.

Oscar Miklos
Oscar Miklos is the founder and principal lawyer at Refresh Law in Burnaby and the founder of HousingGuide.ca. He regularly advises residential and commercial landlords and tenants, strata owners, strata corporations, property managers and insurance providers in all aspects of housing disputes.