What records are strata corporations required to create and maintain?

The Strata Property Act requires transparency on the part of a strata corporation. This transparency is an important part of the democratic governance system create by the legislation. Under section 35 of the Strata Property Act, a strata corporation must prepare and maintain the following records:

  • minutes of annual and special general meetings and council meetings, including the results of any votes;
  • a list of council members;
  • a list of
    • owners, with their strata lot addresses, mailing addresses if different, strata lot numbers as shown on the strata plan, parking stall numbers, if any, and unit entitlements,
    • names and addresses of mortgagees who have filed a Mortgagee’s Request for Notification under section 60,
    • names of tenants, and
    • assignments of voting or other rights by landlords to tenants under sections 147 and 148;
  • books of account showing money received and spent and the reason for the receipt or expenditure;
  • the registered strata plan and any strata plan amendments as obtained from the land title office;
  • the strata corporation bylaws and rules;
  • resolutions that deal with changes to common property, including the designation of limited common property;
  • waivers and consents under section 41, 44 or 45;
  • written contracts to which the strata corporation is a party;
  • any decision of an arbitrator or judge in a proceeding in which the strata corporation was a party, and any legal opinions obtained by the strata corporation;
  • the budget and financial statement for the current year and for previous years;
  • income tax returns, if any;
  • correspondence sent or received by the strata corporation and council;
  • bank statements, cancelled cheques and certificates of deposit;
  • Information Certificates issued under section 59;
  • the records and documents referred to in section 20 or 23 obtained by the strata corporation;
  • any depreciation reports obtained by the strata corporation under section 94;
  • any reports obtained by the strata corporation respecting repair or maintenance of major items in the strata corporation, including, without limitation, engineers’ reports, risk management reports, sanitation reports and reports respecting any items for which information is, under section 94, required to be contained in a depreciation report;
  • any other records required by the regulations.


Subject to a few exceptions, an owner of tenant who has been assigned the right to inspect or obtain records has a right to inspect or copy the these records upon request.

Oscar Miklos
Oscar Miklos is the founder and principal lawyer at Refresh Law in Burnaby and the founder of HousingGuide.ca. He regularly advises residential and commercial landlords and tenants, strata owners, strata corporations, property managers and insurance providers in all aspects of housing disputes.