What is a strata corporation’s legal name?

All strata plan’s have the name basic legal name structure. Section 2(1)(b) of the Strata Property Act states:

“the owners of the strata lots in the strata plan are members of the strata corporation under the name “The Owners, Strata Plan [the registration number of the strata plan”

The registration number of the strata plan is typically a two or three letter code followed by a number, such as “VR 1234” or “LMS 789”. The letters refer to the region and the time of strata plan registration and each strata has a unique number. So, the legal name of VR 1234 would be The Owners, Strata Plan VR 1234.

Many strata corporations have a project or building name such as, for example, “Garden Villa” or “The Rock”. These common names are not part of a strata corporation’s legal name.

Oscar’s Commentary

It is important to ensure that a strata corporation is identified by its full legal name whenever it enters a contract or communicates with the public. Many project or development names such as “the Gardens” are common throughout the province.