Who can vote at a general meeting?

Strata corporations are designed to be democratic. Budgets, exceptional expenditures and any significant changes to the strata corporation or its assets require a vote of the owners. Section 54 of the Strata Property Act, SBC 1998, c.43 gives the following people the right to vote:

  •  an owner;
  • a tenant if the owner has assigned their right to vote and delivered notice to the strata corporation; and
  • a mortgagee (lender), but only for votes in respect to issues that affect the lenders security and only if the lender has given the required notice under the Strata Property Act.


Voting is a fundamental right of property owners in a strata corporation. If a decision of the strata corporation is challenged, courts will look to see if the voting process was fair and will give significant weight to the will of the majority as expressed through voting.



Oscar Miklos
Oscar Miklos is the founder and principal lawyer at Refresh Law in Burnaby and the founder of HousingGuide.ca. He regularly advises residential and commercial landlords and tenants, strata owners, strata corporations, property managers and insurance providers in all aspects of housing disputes.